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Default Battery use info

I just thought it might be interesting to keep track of how much battery each race on my planes consumes. These days I'm flying LiFe batteries in the planes, and the charger (I use a Cellpro Multi-4) will let me know how much it puts back into the battery after it's charged.

Info would include type of servos (so we can see the difference between analog and digital, etc.) and type of plane, etc.

For example - last night I flew my SamRai 426 plane on the short course during a practice session - flew it twice. Both times were typical race - 11 laps (10 plus insurance..) after starting the engine and walking back to the spot where I normally fly from. After 11-12 laps, shut the engine down and land. Analog servos, Hitec 225BB, all 4 of them. I had charged just before flying last night, and when I recharged this morning, the charger put back in 39 mah. Roughly 20 mah per flight.

Didn't fly the 424 plane, but it's also got a 2S LiFe battery in it with analog servos.

If you're using a charger that keeps track of how much capacity it returns to the battery after flying, let us know here and we can put together some reference info for "typical" use.

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