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Default RE: Battery use info

ORIGINAL: luv to race

I have put 17 flights on a Q40.. using the Team Orion 600mah LiFe pack.. ALL ''high voltage'' JR 3711 digital servos, 4 in total.. Maybe 4 or 5 minutes per flight with the radio on, that's a guess of course..

Charged the pack.. Only put about 285mah in the pack. So that was about 16.5mah per flight..

Technically you could fly many more flights.. But that was about my limit

Randy Bridge
Wow, I probably don't get 17 Q40 flights in a year.. If I do, it's not much more than that. I suppose if they would fly with skis on them I could do better

I'm still old school, 1000mAh NiMh packs I build my self.. After a day at the Nat's last year I think I put in about 90-100 mah back in depending on set flights and that sort of think. 9650's on everything but the fuel shut-off.
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