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Default RE: Goldberg Tiger Club

I Will Join...I curently have a Tiger 60 with an OS Max 75 AX in it...It is a great flying plane...I Built it tail dragger style, took about 1/2 the dihedral out. Built a cowl on it ..I increased the size of the elevator and rudder about 3/4" ... Plus a few other mods...I love the Tigers..They are fantastic flying planes..I had a Tiger 2 that I had an OS Max 55 AX in..It was Even better in some ways...Seemed faster manovering. Like it would roll in the blink of an eye...My 60 is a bit slower...I like the 60 better though...It is just easier to see and easier to fly...I think if I increased the controle throws the 60 would roll faster etc. I just havent tried because I like how it flys now....Why don't we start a Tiger Brotherhood I will be what ever # falls into place.....
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