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Default RE: Lame hobby?

I see. I dont go around to people and demand help or be rude or anything (Im really kinda shy actually). The trainer I bought is a Firebird Stratos. It has the Tri-Gear but I dont know how to size it. so Ill just leave the dimmensions and various other info here:

Wingspan: 42.0 inches

Overall Length: 30.0 Inches

Flying weight: 17.0 oz

Experience Level: Beginner

Plane Type: Trainers

I sorta just gave up with the idea of ever flying one EVER after I had 2 severe crashs from less than 20ft off the ground. The first time the nose broke off, then the second time the fuselage cracked in half more than halfway down the plane. Another time it crashed and one motor started smoking like crazy. Thats when I glued it back together and now it sits at the bottom of my bed, unused since May 25th. (Bought it May 20th). So now because of that one thing Im afraid and bitter of the R/C Plane hobby. I will most likely never touch a plane again. Unless its something indoor for $50 or something.

But to be honest, I envy the people who can fly these things cause its surely an awesome skill. Nice job for flying that long. I chose cars and Quadrocopters/Helicopters cause they are simple, easy, and almost no learning curve. (Who has never driven an rc car?) Im also (like I stated before) a 17 year old. I go to coneventions periodically and film them with my cars or mQX, and sport the appropriate body or canopy for the Con. Cant fly a plane in the New Jersey Meadolands Expo center.
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