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Default RE: New Funtana 125

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I use the DLE 20 with a Xoar 17-6 and I beat the plane like a government mule. The 20 hauls ***** and one guy watches me fly and he is sorry he already bought the 30 for his. Well over 100 flights hard tumbles and gyroscopic hooligan type moves and its solid as day 1, the plane is as tough as a waffle house steak.
I have to add I did beef up the landing gear block with some triangle stock and the firewall area. No big deal I do it on all ARF's half hour and adds maybe an ounce or two and costs me like $1.50 in triangle stock and glue.......well worth the small effort to avoid busting up a plane I have around $1,000 invested in. Then I dont have to type in here and complain that my landing gear fell off. I learned early on when a Pulse 40 gear left loose on me on a fairly gentle landing.
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