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Default RE: Mach1 question before upcoming build

ORIGINAL: pilotx
Sorry for asking all the questions. I just don't want to start off one way then find out that I had a chance to correct it.

Oh one more thing what glue to use to skin the wings and stab? A fellow builder friend suggested 3M Super77?
The few of us left who still build our stuff prefer either epoxy or Pro-Bond/Gorilla PU glue. Bonding is permanent with either one of these. For the small wing of vintage models, it won't take more than 1/2 oz each panel. The epoxy or polyurethane glue is applied sparringly to the sheeting. I prefer epoxy since it gives much greater working time before kicking off. But I never use the stuff you get at the LHS.

Go to US Composite site and buy their laminating epoxy. It's inexpensive and works well with about a 50 min pot life. Pro Bond or Gorilla begins to kick off in about 25 mins so you'd have to work faster

I used the 3M product only once and wasn't pleased when too much of the skin lifted after a few dozen flights. Probably didn't use enough spray. Spray makes it an easy application but you'd have to spray enough of it to work right.

Before applying any adhesive to either sheeting of foam, use a tack rag to remove dust residue.....Good luck
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