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Default RE: What is it?

First, you should read through this - I learned a lot from it:

Electric motors are usually named by their size - (diameter+length and rpm rating). So, the 2205-36 has a 22mm stator diameter, 5mm stator thickness, and 36 wire turns (which equates to 1670kV). Some brands will use the actual kV value for the last number (ie Scorpion 4035-250 which has a 40mm stator that is 35mm thick, and spins 250 rpm per volt).

The best thing you can do is find someone running that motor successfully and copy their setup. Then you can try changing props or batteries from there.

Electric power is a full system - all of the components matter when setting up the plane. So you need to consider prop size, batteries, etc. when making your decisions. It is difficult to say what kind of power or rpm you will get since changing one part of the system will impact everything.
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