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Default RE: EME new engines, 35,60 & 120 twin

I got my EME 120 today (ordered it on Friday, today is Monday, crazy fast) from Mile High RC. Apparently EME stands for Eagle Master Engine and comes with some cool decals. At first look the fit and build is pretty good, same or better than a DLE. I first removed the cylinders. Nothing significant to report, everything looks as it should. I thought a couple of the bolts were a little looser than I would have liked and no visible lock tight. By comparison, the crankcase bolts were well tightened. The crank and rod bearings looked good, well oiled. Something interesting to note is the piston is stamped "EME 57". I am curious what this means, hoping it does not mean 57cc vs 60. Then I moved on to removing the carburetor and checking for reed valve issues that Frank Bowman said to look for. The reed case is a composite/plastic material and appears to be well molded, no burrs or anything to note. I do have one concern, although it may turn out to be nothing. The surface between the reed case and the carburetor looks like the material injection point and those points were ground down below the flat surface. The saving grace is the gasket. If I have any vacuum issues, that is where I will look. Also the carburetor screws were less tight than I would have liked. I ordered a set of Bowman rings so I am going to wait until those come in before re-assembly. The stock rings look good though, small ring gap with an alignment pin for centering. If Frank's rings were not so good, I would not replace them. Lastly, the manual is great. Well written and actually useful. Plan is to fly this Sunday.
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