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Default RE: beware of easytiger models??????????

ORIGINAL: porcia83

I guess the reason people would question who is who overthere is because some of those people like to come back to different sites with numerous sock names. Like say for instance:

David Marteen
Frank Booth
East Tigre

If the IPfits....well, you know the rest. And unlike many that just accuse others of socks with no proof, he admitted in his conversations using those names that it was him.

As for the site RCT is concerned, it's not about Curtis Mattikow. As far as I know, none of us have posted there because of him, but rather to discuss the topics discussed there with other members of the rc community.

Really? He sure seems to be involved in a lot of threads over there. Spreading good cheer and lots of help to others in the hobby. Take a look at the active threads over there. Helpful to the hobby, the "community"? Threads filled with hatred, vengence, diatribes, and down right tin hat worthy accusations/conspiracy. Threads about hating specific individuals are the order of the day, second only to other RC sites, and their employees. Oh sure, there's a build thread here and there, and lets not forget ETMthreads pushing his gear. What's really great is when they go after children and family members of those they don't agree with. Very helpful to the RC community.

A start contrast to the other site started after being kicked out of normal society, that being Gyros place. A mirror image of RCG of course, down to pointing and moderation issues, but well done overall and a nice home and alternative for some.

The other glaringly obvious hypocracy of course is how many times these banned people go back to the sites they've been kicked out of. Over and over.

Now Bill I know you said you don't talk to people with socks, have you spoken to John lately? You know, 2012boxterS?
That's pretty ironic, Porcia83 has been banned from multiple sites for using multiple names and trolling.
If the IP fits, well, it does not, as most of the names you mention above were actually Ken Robbins, Knlken, not easytiger. Ken has been signing onto RCG and pretending he is easytiger, just to get a rise out of people, most recently as East Tigre. Now you know, he is behind half the names who claim to have gotten ripped off by easytiger, and half the people saying they are easytiger. The others you can probably blame on easytiger himself, but Ken Robbins has bragged to me about doing this, if you want to see the emails, let me know. He has a personal problem with easytiger, and he will do anything to hurt easytiger, he even brags about it. But it has gone too far, you guys don't really know what he has done behind the scenes, it's very ugly, and it has to stop. RCU should have stopped this long ago, not good.

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