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Default RE: Free plans, 100+ designs, super light foamies

Hi All

Just uploaded a new plan to the site, this is moving into more complex builds using an A4 template for the foam. I've used a slightly different labelling system, basically line up the same letters to help with the build and orientation of the parts.

I think this one looks great, very sleek. I'm hoping that the license I used on the tailplane will pay off, you have to remember that these are a balance of form, proportions and function. I'm getting feedback now about the plans now, and there are several points to update, but the key one I think is the addition of the CG. I will try to include this where I can, but this is something I would work out on build normally, and I haven't had time to build every one of these yet, so please bear with me. I already have a long list of improvements, and I promise I'm working on them.

I hope you will like this one. Fly and enjoy!
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