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Default RE: Which chinese factories make various brushless motor brands?

ORIGINAL: rosnik About Motrolfly motors the interesting thing , getting them in ..comparison .. to all standard B/less motors,
is exactly the fact that they got larger diameter and the shorter in length rotors.
This .. improve torque and one bit penalize consumption. More torque , mean that Motrolfly motors can flip larger props.

rosnik, you may be interested in these:

http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1823519 "Motrolfly DM4315-500 vs Torque Revolution 4016T/500" -Feb 2013

Worth noting: Torque 4016T/500 (280g) is EXACT SAME motor as: Hacker A40-10 L V2, Kv 500, 10T =Turnigy SK3 4250-500kv, 10T =PA Thrust 50, 487Kvsee: http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/fb.asp?m=11428699

-Above RCG thread says: Motrolflys are extremely popular
many run the Motrolfly 4315-480Kv with 16" props.
The Motrolfly runs very cool compared to others
These Hacker and Torque motors are often used with 14", 15" props -however they have a higher Kv.
The Hacker A40-14 L , Kv 355, 14T -has a lower Kv, and will swing a larger prop ...

http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1638706 "MOTROLFLY 4315 500kv, Torque 4016T-500, or similar" -April 2012

http://www.flyinggiants.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=73519 "Hacker Vs. Motrolfly" -May 2012
-Hacker is a good motor, but they like Motrolfly better (this link name, which is blocked by RCU -is FG )


Hacker publicity / marketing / hot airALWAYS states:
"... The Hacker ... A- *** ... ... This 14 pole, Outrunner design creates MASSIVE TORQUE, therefore larger direct drive props can be used without the need for a gearbox ..."
e.g. https://www.aero-model.com/8_67_887/...-10L%20V2.html

-Perhaps Hacker motors really WOULD create "MASSIVE TORQUE"-if they had a design like Motrolfly, with a larger diam and shorter length stator ...

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