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Default RE: Free plans, 100+ designs, super light foamies

You sure are not kidding about the "minimal waste" part. I'm impressed at the appearance you get from the designs despite the way the parts all "nest" together. NICELY DONE! ! !

Looking at the size of a full Depron sheet it's possible to scale up your plans for use with 6mm foam by 4.5 times. Mind you by that time it could be advantagious to use side keel spines on the fuselages for some designs and some form of strip carbon spar would be needed. So call it 4 times possible to have some foam left for making any such extra parts.

Some of your designs are highly imaginative and curvy. I like that. Yet other than one which uses an underslug gondola like pod and boom sort of shape they all look like they would build up to be flyable with normal amounts of nose weight or with the propulsion motor located in the nose.
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