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Default RE: Free plans, 100+ designs, super light foamies

Thanks for that BM, I'm trying to give people as much info as I can for them to be able to make the designs at pretty much any scale, and I think that including all the stiffening options on each design would be beyond my time and abilities right now, so people are at liberty to stiffen as they see fit.

I'd love to see someone creating one of these designs for themselves - you up for having a go? It doesn't need to be complicated or even original - just tweak one of the designs if you think it would be better your way.

For the builds, I always envisaged people putting their own versions of stiffeners etc, so I only show carbon slots where I think they would be necessary. The 'double thickness' fuses I assume that people can either bury a carbon strip somewhere in the length, or apply a coffee swizzler from the golden arches or similar. My own budget/time and inclination vary, so I like to give people the opportunity to come up with the version that works for them - be great to hear from someone who has built/flown one though. I get requests for info, but no return of the favour in terms of pictures, etc.

With regard to the balancing etc, my assumption is that pretty much all the designs (unless its otherwise obvious) will need to have the power mounted up front, nose end. Some kind of pager motor if your going micro, or whatever you can crowbar on above this scale. When I balance them for neutral flight, most need some kind of weight up front to fly straight and level.

Just one last thought - which one has the underslung gondola? I have a hangglider design, but this isn't posted yet (I don't think), so I'm unsure which you mean.

Thanks again for replying, hopefully many more will follow you.

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