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Default RE: Free plans, 100+ designs, super light foamies


Thankyou, it's alwaysgood to get appreciative comments. The designs were originally sized to give micro size craft for indoor flight (the A5 template is 210mm x 148mm), but obviously you can print them to whatever scale you like to fit your kit or preferences for build. It's easy enough to upscale them - see if your printer supports 'tiling' (this allows you to spread a print over multiple pages), then use the following to create the size of plan you want. Some of the later plans have an inch scale for the non-metricated (I am working round to everything having the same format but there are a lot of plans)

A5 = 210 x 148mm (2mm depron)
scale x 1.41 gives you anA4 (210 x 297) cutout plan (3mm depron
scale x 2 gives you an A3 (420 x 297) cutout plan (4 or 6mm depron?)

A4= 297 x 210mm plan (mostly for 2mm Depron, later plans)
scale x 1.41 gives you an A3 cutout plan (3mm/2 x 2mm sheet?)

My guess is that you could in theory build these at any scale as long as you up the thickness of the sheet and add appropriate stiffeners, so you are free to build to suit your kit. The only caution I would offer is to print the plans and seeifyou think it would suit your kit, as the differing layouts giveslightly different wing areas etc. My first builds are always to the non-scaled size of the plan just to see if it works ok, but I haven't had the time to build every one yet, so all and any effort to help on this is welcome. I know that taking the time and resources to build one of these is asking a lot, so I thank anyone who's having a go, especially if they send me pictures

I'm just building the first build of A4JET3, the pod type jet, so if you are interested I'll post the pictures, just so you can see one in build. I've actually upscaled it to just under A3 plan, but still building it in 2mm sheet just to check out how it goes. It's pretty stiff, but I've added some rod across the tailplane. This is the philosophy of these plans, you cut the stuff out then start putting the stiffeners in where you see the need.

Good luck with anything you choose to build, let me know if you need any more help, though being a newbie, It will be restricted to the plans/cutting/building I'm afraid.

All the best

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