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Default RE: Custom made 1:10 RWD solid axle Escort MK2

I used plastic to do a first shape of the frame bars, based on pictures I found on Google for Escorts MK2.

Test fitting under the body to have a first idea of suspension clearance:

I then proceeded to cut the shapes in 1/8" thick aluminium with a jigsaw and finish with a manual file. Here is the plastic model, rough aluminum shape, and the cleaned shape:

In order to make the two pieces identical, I aligned and clamped them together, and then put this assembly into the bench vise to file:

Once done, I made the angles manually in the bench vise to make them look like this:

Then attached together with the first piece of appropriate aluminium I found:

First mock up with body:

Making the brackets to attach the four links to the axles. I used cereal box cardboard to test the shape (it quickly gets complicated when wrapping around an irregular shape is involved). Once the cardboard fit nicely I cut the same shape into thinner aluminum (approx 1/16)

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