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Default RE: Roger Purcell's Scream Machine!!

Hi from Roger Purcell ( designer of the Scream Machine Planes )I will be glad to help you all I can by hand drawing the templates needed to build the FUEL Scream Machine. It does take time but have done this for several others already. I will also email you allot of photos showing exactly how these planes are built beginning to end, still have some photos of the FUEL version also. But all my planes are built and follow the same exact structural design proven to be the strongest, fastest , sport , fully aerobatic plane out there. // Kevin ( bkg1956 ) does have all the directions in nice printed form, you can probably get him to send you copies of those I'm sure. Kevin just hasn't had the time to get the Templates done in Laser Drawn style. // Just mail me a check for 35.00 to ; Roger Purcell 1950 Sunset Court DeLand, Fl. 32720 and I will get busy ASAP on the Templates. I will also call Kevin and check on possibly having him mail you copies of the directions which will save you time. // Thanks for your interest in my Planes. I do try to help anyone wanting to scratch build a Scream Machine. Remember, do not take any short cuts when building. !! Roger P.
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