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Default Jeti Transmitter via USB

I have a new Jeti DS-16 that I am trying to use with Aerofly on the Mac. The Jeti web site says "DC/DS transmitters act as standard 8 axis joystick after being connected to PC, thus it is possible to control simulators, such as MS Flight Simulator, FMS or AeroFly Professional Deluxe." I plugged in the Jeti via USB and it is indeed recognized by the computer: I can see it in "About this Mac", and I can access the control signals from other programs. But I can't get Aerofly to recognize it.

I start with the Ikarus USB-to-PPM converter connected to my DX7, and that works as usual. Then I plug in the Jeti and hit Scan For New Controllers. All that comes up is "USB Interface #1" as a 12-channel controller, and callibration does not work. When I close out of the Calibration window, neither DX7 nor the Jeti now work.

Any suggestions?

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