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Hi Rajul,

It's AF5.

I have the Ikarus USB-to-PPM converter plugged into the computer and my Spektrum DX7 goes to that. With this setup, the program works fine, as usual. But in addition, the Jeti's built-in USB connector is plugged directly into a second USB connector on the computer. The Jeti gets recognized by the Mac operating system as a standard joystick or "Human Interface Device".

My question is whether the Jeti can be used as a second controller, in addition to whatever is plugged into the Ikarus? In other words, can AF5 recognize any standard joystick device and use it as a second controller?

With both devices plugged in, I have tried the Scan-For-New-Controller option in the program. The dialog box that comes up shows a generic 12-channel controller that doesn't seem to be related to either the Ikarus/DX7 or the Jeti. And when I close that dialog box, the Ikarus/DX7 stops working and I have to restart the program.


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