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Originally Posted by Parkflyer939215 View Post
I am not pleased with the stabilization feature of this product. The correction provided by the gyro's are momentary ( quick movement ) and do not track the correction of the plane. Curious if anyone has noticed this or have some suggestion to improve on this, besides using a sledge hammer ... lol .. The basic receiver functions appear to be great. Have several flights with no servo problems or range.
The sledge hammer is a good option and threatening to feed my Heli gyros to the dog usually makes them behave. I don't have the device you mentioned but I have several small E-flite aircraft with AS3X and they behave the same.. the correction is very quick and momentary, it does not track aircraft attitude. This is not like an autopilot system, The stabilisation is to make the aircraft fly smoother in gusty conditions and turbulence by instantly correcting deviations before they occur.

There are different devices available if you want something to self correct your aircraft back to level flight when you let go of the sticks.

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