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Good evening folks and welcome to a special edition of RCU's GLH 020! This one goes out to CP to help him keep those dogs and brew down. Unlike those drama queens on TV "Reality" shows that sit in shops with every single piece of machinery available from CNC's to planishing hammers, english wheels, water jets, and hydro tubing benders and still whine about how things aren't coming out right, we here in the 1/2a forum make do with a few tools, lots of sweat and good old inginuity.

I, like CP and a lot of others here, usually multi-task between a few projects. So for CP's benifit I thought I'd share one of mine. Just picked up some stuff from the chromers on Wednesday. Here is one piece, the sissy bar. This started out as a single 8 foot piece of 5/8" bar stock and a bunch of flat stock. Being that there were no camera's rolling, I fabricated this in the garage by heating it with a torch and making all the bends over a few steel castor wheels in different sizes. Brackets were cut, welded and polished smooth. Peace sign (hey it's a 70's old school chopper) was formed around another steel caster. At no time during the fabrication did I feel the need to cry, whine or yell "CUT!"

In the second pic is the transmission going back together. Again, since we can't just call up a fancy shop and order one up, we actually have to rebuild ours. Yep, the old fashioned way. Not really much more difficult than resetting a piston on a TD as long as you remember what order the spacers and clips go on.

Anyway CP, you should be starting to feel a bit better knowing that the real work gets done every week in basements, back yards, and garages all over the country (and abroad) by real people who still know how to use their mind and hand tools AND still take pride in doing it right!

Back to our regularly scheduled programing, almost all the parts have come in. But I am still waiting on the venturi and a few other parts. Plus I have been tied up with the transmission rebuild and am leaving early in the morning for a 500 mile trip on the bike for the weekend. I did get a chance to solder in the end of the nipple in between adjusting the belt and checking the levels on the bike for the trip. Hopefully next week the rest of the stuff should be here. Tracking shows my props from the Ukraine have made it as far as Jersey. So I think I can start on the TD mods early next week.

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