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Well, it actually mounted up well. I kind of like the look. Like a velocity stack on a big block. I might add some Holley and Hooker Header stickers to the plane to make it fit in You can see the difference in the side by side pics. Also turns out the plastic back plates by MECOA are quite beefy. Had no issues tapping it for the pressure nipple. I measured one of my 049 TD backplates and found the hole to be a #80 drill. I drilled the nipple out with a #76 drill, just a smidge bigger, not for any speed secret, but because my pin vise wouldn't clamp down all the way on the #80-77.

The fit is so tight a socket won't fit in. So once I had it tightened with needle nose, I filled in the surrounding space with 30 min epoxy to keep it from backing out. Since I will need to run the line straight back through the firewall, I may drill a hole through the outside of the back plate to run the feed line through as well. Should make for a nice clean install.

I picked up the props today and they are niiiccceee. I'll post pics. My plan is as follows and see if this makes sense. I am first going to get a good tach reading on the stock motor with the cox prop. I am then going to cut down one of the new props until I get the same tach readings, then also run some test flights to see how the plane likes it.

Then I will start by running the second motor on that or a clone of that prop and see how it does. Then I will start cutting it down from there until I can get 25-26k on the ground. That should keep me under 28k in the air. From there I will start prepping another piston/cylinder set with some agressive work and see how that goes. Seems to be a logic approach that should let me make measurable changes without duplicating too much work. Plus I would like to see how fast I can get this on just a stock TD with the right prop.

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