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Compare the general port configuration to a TD .049. The TD has the double fluted bypass ports.
The .020 ought to look proportional to the .049..unless there is some sort of airflow voodoo that I know nothing about.
A fairly easy idea would be to shim the liner and remove all the head shims until you see no gain.
Your numbers jive with that graph, so you're going to have to go a step beyond what all those clever folks at Cox were able to do while getting paid to do it..!
I'll bet they carved up a few liners looking for the best compromise between user friendly and all out power...leaning towards user friendly.
Is the crankshaft passage a "bottle neck" in this engine's intake tract..?
Does the lower end with just a prop connected to the crank spin for days when you just flick the prop..?
It should.
600+ grit paper on the main journal while you twirl the crank in your drill motor helps to eliminate any drag.
I just saw a show about how those Swiss watches are made and they use electron microscopes to inspect them, plus the watch is actually "alive" at the factory for quite a long time, then completely inspected for wear or any flaws before they allow it to go to a good home. After seeing that show, I don't feel qualified to change a light bulb...and forget about trying to set a degree wheel up on a .020..!
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