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The whole idea is to adjust the plane so that it will be less "fun" to fly than what you had today........
I've taken a pair of pliers and grabbed the upper cylinder of a running engine and noted an RPM improvement. I'm not talking about an engine that was running rough, either. I've never gotten around to doing it, but I've intended to take a .049 and clamp the cylinder to the firewall with just enough rubber to keep from tweeking it.
Hearing that 27-30,000 is possible restores my faith in how these little engines are supposed to behave if they are propped right.
With TD .049s the ball socket would predictably fragment after a handfull of flights, [above 25,000 or more] but this was before I learned about shaving the pistons. Shaving the piston ought to also improve the balance if what I've understood what Clarence Lee wrote about typical steel piston model engines.
It would be a kick to see some top notch free flight done out in the wide open country someday....before the sport goes away.
What you said about going for every last RPM you can get......if it can be done without blowing plugs, running too hot and breaking parts every other time you try to run it, then that's a nice level of performance to be at. Now, OTOH if some totally wacked out .020 Freak was to move in right next door to you and taunt you with his 30,000 rpm .020 powered pylon racer, then that's WAR TIME JACK...!!!
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