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I tried the mount and found after many flights I had to remount the engine again and used hard mounts this time and is still holding on okay. The plane I run my DLE55 is the hangar 9 Extra 260. i found that the soft mount worked well for a little while. Now hard and I have been flying RC from the 60's and have always foamed every thing in the fuse to help the life of the battery receiver and what else you add. So it is up to you what way you go in regards to mounting your DLE55. But again the vibration at idle is bad and I did find the DLE55 was better with the hard mount than the soft. Maybe lift the idle up a little. Anyway that's what i have found. But you try for your self. I have a TF 51 as well and will be soon getting into the build. But will use a hard mount with the exhaust I will use if a soft mount is used I think I maybe in trouble. But we will see.
Great lakes say this about there mount. I think it is the glue you use to glue the airframe together is the most important part of building your model. So there you go!!!
[TD="width: 450"]
This is a Large Engine Isolation Mount for the US Engines 25,35,& 41cc engines.This mount has rubber isolators that reduce vibration that could damage theairplane airframe or radio equipment inside.[/TD]
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