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Default RE: Cox R/C Aircraft Collection

Hi batjac,

Thanks for sharing your experiences!

You're right! I can't forget the EZ-Bee! I've never flown one but have heard only good things about the model. I will add the EZ-Bee and the Eagle Glider to the collection.

Great story on the Pringles plane. Did you ever fly it? The Sky Rally is a great looking and flying airplane. The surprise is that it flys pretty fast and the landings required plenty of airspeed and a gentle flair and landing. The aluminum tube frame is delicate and will bend and or break on hard landings. Fortunately, the hobby shops carry the tubing required for replacement. I just remove the slow moving Cox Cadet Radio gear and replaced it with Futaba micro equipment. I hope to fly it this weekend with the new gear.

Best always,
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