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Guys, I have a question. I think I already know the answer but I'll ask anyway - does the Robart air gear for this plane have adjustable stop points? My left gear seems to tuck up further than the right, and is hitting the bottom of the wheel well on retraction. The gear is already mounted at an angle on the rails with spacers to tilt it more towards the wingtip if that makes any sense. I could add yet more spacers, but even with the spacers as they are now my cover plate/hatch that hides the gear mounts does not sit flush with the bottom of the wing. I suspect when this plane was built the rails just were not place in the exact right spot and now I'm having to face the consequences.

I even managed to slightly crack the wing sheeting while retracting the gear on the bench, but that was probably my own fault for hooking my air compressor directly to the air fittings on the wing to shoot a boost of air straight to the gear cylinders. They popped up with authority!

My last resort is to remove the gear and sand/grind down the outboard rail to tilt the gear further without using additional spacers on the inner rail.

Any help or ideas is appreciated. I can grab a couple of pictures this afternoon if my explanation was pretty awful.
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