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Originally Posted by v6goose View Post
Robarts are not the same, only 8 spokes instead of 10 and feel cheaper. Yes, they cost less so if you are selling your kidneys for wheels go Robart, but if you want the best go Sierra's.
I'm going to bring this 14 month comment back to the top also, because I'm curious about wheel types as I'm trying to find a set myself. Robart does have a 10-spoke wheel. They have 2 in fact, one is listed as a "10 Spoke Aluminum Wheel" and then they have a separate item for "Scale P-51 10 Spoke Aluminum Wheel." So they do have 10 spoke wheels. What I can't determine though is the difference. Their photos on the site are identical, so I don't know what the difference is between their P-51 wheel and the other 10 spoke wheel.

All that said, I've heard great things about the Sierras as well, just not sure how they compare on cost since the price isn't listed. I'll have a hard time paying for either, so I've been rocking some 5" Dubros while I try to hunt for a used set of aluminum wheels.
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