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That is too much prop for the set-up.
I have some Power 46's on seaplanes and run MAS 12X6 3-blade props with a 60a esc running 5-cell 3850 30c packs. They have more than enough torque to rise from the water and fly aerobatics with about 8 minutes run time .
To convert from a 2-blade to 3-blade prop you need to reduce the diameter by 1" and then possibly keep the same pitch or reduce it.
You should really invest in a Watt Meter. It will tell you at a glance how many amps, watts, volts you are drawing from your set-up when experimenting with different props.
I would recommend using some MAS 12X6 3-blade props. A larger prop like a 12x8 or 13x8 will probably put you over the 60a esc limit so if you want to run those sizes I would upgrade the esc's to 80 amp.

You can also try this:
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