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Originally Posted by ByronF View Post
I am currently scratch building a p-39 from parts tracings from an old red box kit. I have cut the wing cores from foam and have modified the nose eliminate the plastic top deck and replace it with a built up balsa an ply structure. I am now making cowls top/bottom by carving foam and then glassing.
If anyone is interested I can post photos of my progress to date.
i do have one question regarding gear length. My torn up old plans don't enable me to measure the gear length for the mains or the nose gear. Does anyone here have a decent set that they could take those measurements for me and post them here. Thanks in advance if you can help on this.
My yellow box plans measure 8.75" from the thrust line of the engine to the bottom of the nose wheel. The mains measure 3.9375" from the bottom of the wing to the bottom of the wheel.


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