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Hi, great motor, I got one in my large 3/D depron foamy (150x175cm) I have built 5 years ago as a cross between 'pattern and 3/D' performer. I run it on 5S/4-4.5Ah packs with 100A ESC using 15x6 wood prop. I have done over 1000 4-5min. flights, in my memory twice in the salt water while during hovering torque rolls the alloy spinner with the prop took off vertically from the motor shaft. These things happen if you don't tighten up the spinner on the regular bases. After quick wash and some lube I was back in the air just about the same day. My model is only 1.8-2kg AUW and after prolonged hovering I find the motor gets pretty hot but so far so good, Cheers J.
(pic. added, model bottom right)
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