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Thanks a million for your kind comments and PM's. I can't take credit for the build; just the assembly. The Phantom is an X-Treme unit that I purchased a couple of years ago through BVM. The paint and nomenclature are stock, and are very accurate. The turbine is a P-120, and all servo's are JR, no gyro. Transmitter is a DX-18, which I absolutely LOVE. Small follow-up to the story: Following my second cruise to the Tonkin Gulf (it had been scheduled for 6 months, but lasted 12) my wife told me that my life would be complete if I could fall in love with that "Darn" airplane. She never understood that we were all in love with our airplanes. Mine brought me home following three cruises, and we ultimately divorced. I feel for servicemen and women today and their many lengthy deployments., I marvel, and tip my hat, to those who are able to hold their marriages together.

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