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I am enjoying getting back to doing construction videos. I will still be doing videos for ARF kits, especially those sold by Airborne for my AirBorne Models Showcase. I do have a working relationship with AirBorne as the Showcase is listed on their site and I get some consideration as is a dealer for them. I will soon be adding the Club 40 planes and EF1 planes to And I worked with Fai at AirBorne on the EF1 project for the Outrageous / Scarlet Screamer and with Dan Kane and Jerry Small. BTW, the price of the EF1 kits and parts have just been reduced.

Some of my videos have gotten comments and I get emails about the videos. I try to improve, but sometimes I just have to go with what is recorded, because you don't get a second chance to epoxy or sometimes CA something together. And I can't take forever editing videos to be perfect because I have a LOT to do. I push myself very hard.

A lot of people don't realize you can click on the bar at the top of the videos here in the forums to open the video in YouTube. You can also share links via the '<' in the title bar.

If you have a thought or a comment on my videos, please post to YouTube or here in the forums or on Facebook. And if you like a video, please Like it. If you don't like it, then Dislike it. I need to know if people are just watching the first few seconds or if they actually watch the whole thing. I get some statistics from YouTube, so I know some of the patterns of usage. Please don't Dislike stuff because you dislike me.

If you think you dislike me, please feel free to call me at 704-968-2881 outside of work hours so we can talk about it. Or text me. I have an iPad of my own now and you can FaceTime to that number (I hope I haven't messed it up). People that like me are welcome to contact me as well.

Speaking of people who work very hard, Dan Kane Jr, the president of the NMPRA, is an extremely hard working person. A great guy. The NMPRA is lucky to have him. And even if you are a sport racer, please consider joining the

if you are a sport racer, we would like you to join I'm going to change the membership page this week so that less personal information is required. A lot of work is being done on RCPRO, both the web site and the organization. Dan Kane Jr was one of the founders of RCPRO. But we changed the focus of RCPRO to sport racing.
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