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I wasn't going to comment on MA props - haven't used them since I can remember. I recall checking like for like against each other (i.e. MA vs APC 10-6) and always getting the impression the APC's performed a little better, so was left with the opinion that APC are generally more efficient. Plus, they have about 100 more choices.

If (harnessed) power, not airspeed, is the issue, then 8-3's might work well. If you're sucking for airspeed and feel there is more to be had, then I'd be fooling with 7-5, 6.5x3.7, 7x3.5, i.e. various combos that have same or similar diameter and a bit more pitch speed could be the answer. Will be interesting to hear. Or a pair of good .15's.. but 2oz fuel will leave you wanting 3 or 4 oz when you spend a lot of time over half throttle. Bindur Dundat with an FP .15 on a small model.
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