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Default a few (bunch) of questions

#1......i'm just about done building a spadet trainer. I haven't weighed it yet,...... I don't think it makes any difference,...... there's nowhere I can remove any appreciable weight on the air frame. at listed weight I should get 16oz./ft. wing load. that seems heavy for a trainer, by balsa standards. I've built plenty of planes this size years ago and thought i'd build a trainer to "re-learn" flying after being away from it, for 40 years. do you think corroplast construct is worth while,...or do the SPADS end up heavy all the time ?.
#2.....I built the wing on this trainer with all 4 mm. material, because there is no 2mm. material in my area, anywhere much weight did I add ?. how much lighter would an all 2mm. wing of the same size be ?.12.5" MAC, 71" WS. typical SPAD construction, piece, folded LE ad glued TE, with yardstick spar.
#3.....I picked up a Futaba 6EX 2.4 radio (new old stock). to me and my lack of flying for 40 yrs., this is a very advanced radio being computer programmable and only having used 4 channel crystal radios before. what are your thoughts about this radio, I have read that it is somewhat outdated already, what makes it so ?. ?.
thanx for replies....... sorry for the rookie questions, SPAD is new to me and given my absence, r/c flying might just as well be new to me, as well !.
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