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Looking for some assistance with aluminum hop up parts on my Volcano EPX Pro. I got a pair of the 122075 gear boxes, which I think were the upgrade to the 102075 aluminum gear box and the plastic 02051 gear box.

I'm still using the original diffs and drive gears. I've noticed that the mesh seems to be really tight and I can feel the gears meshing when I turn the hubs by hand. It's not something I really want to leave as-is, but there is no way that I can see to make any adjustments. There are no shims between the inner bearing and the gear, the bearings are fully set, and it didn't appear that one was thinner than the other. It seems like I just need a little more clearance in there.

The other thing I noticed is the mounting block appears to be 1mm short for the radio tray. Unless I shim them out the gap, the screws will bend the radio tray downward and probably bind up the steering linkage and mess up the gear covers on the rear.

All of the other aluminum parts seemed to be a direct replacement with better fitment than the original plastic stuff. I suppose I'll take a few pictures and post them because it won't stay clean and pretty for long!


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