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Yes, the manual shows CG being measured with the gear down but its a mistake to do so. Especially if you are using larger scale sized wheels that are far heavier than the stock foam ones that come with the ARF. I called TF when building mine and they said the stock wheels are so light they effect the CG minimally but if you are using anything else your asking for trouble if you do the CG with the gear down on this model. A little nose heavy on approach is perfectly fine. Keep the model in a nose down attitude on the final, more so than on other models...flaps fully deployed and drive it in with the throttle. Mines 14.3 lbs (yeah thats right) with YS 120AC swinging a 16X10X3 and flies well with the new airfoil vs the Gold edition kit but its no 3D foam plane...scale.

You can see my P40 in this video I made of our weekly warbird flying we do every Tuesday at our club. First you see my Zero, then my P40-shown in various stages of mods as I flew it as I did them. Final is # 43 in the full res, full screen and sound up.

Enjoy, fellas!
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