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We're fortunate to have a great group to fly with but we built that over 20 years of getting together to fly didn't just happen. Non completive, sharing and fun with no egos will do it every time.

The P40 and other airplane designs with the gear retracting back wards balancing with the gear up is really the only way to do it right. Again, if your more of a sport flyer and use wire gear and the thin foam wheels the arf came with it won't matter much as they themselves weigh little but I'm more of a scale guy so, my wheels are robart 4.5 inch with home made hubs and home made scale oleos and that does make a huge difference in changing the CG..they are heavy but they are correct for scale.

At 14 lbs the plane flies quite well and with the YS120AC making 16lbs of thrust with the 3 blade it has almost unlimited vertical - you just have to be careful of tight turns and abrupt control surface changes, just like the full scale. Also penetrates much better in windy conditions and isn't knocked around as much as lighter models.

Enjoy your builds! Its all good...
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