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Originally Posted by Mad Mad Max View Post
There are 7 telemetry displays on my DX8 transmitter. The second display is the Flight Log. What are the meanings of the A, B, L and R lines?
Flight Log data. They tell you how well each antenna/remote is doing. Check out the manual here:

The 4th display shows Altitude and Speed. However, nothing shows up while flying but Altitude and Speed do show on the 7th GPS display. In other words, one display has Altitude and Speed while concurrently another display does not. Any thoughts as to why this is so?
Altitude and Speed are based on the Altimeter sensor and Airspeed sensor. If you do not have those sensors installed, you will see no data.

The GPS display of altitude and speed is GPS Altitude (which can be error-prone) and GPS Speed (which is GROUND speed, not airspeed).

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