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The refund finally cleared, thanks for getting that going for me. I ended up getting one of the new Kingtech K60 turbines, it's a perfect match for those that can't get one of the Ace60 turbines. I flew my F16 twice today and did not experience any of the oscillation issues others have reported. Only a couple of comments for improvement:

-It would be very helpful for you to include a manual with accurate information on the CG, throws on the ailerons, and information on how to setup the brakes. I had to do a lot of research online to figure out where to start, fortunately I was close enough and it flew great.
-I experienced some problems with the gyro freezing the ailerons and elevator, fortunately I discovered this on the ground during testing. I replaced the factory gyro with an iGyro 3e and that appears to have fixed the issue.
-The simulated after-burned light is very bright and viewable on a sunny day, however, mine just appears to blink and does not even remotely look realistic, is there something I can adjust?

Thanks again,

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