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Default Motor selection

I have a 4 - Star by SIG that I am going to put a electric motor into. . . . The plane can be either one has EG designation. I have been searching for the proper combo for this plane to the point it get confusing . Even some hobby shops will not help one of which said "good luck" So here is what the things calls for. Brushless motor @ 500 - 800 Watts.. 80 - 1000 kv ESC to mach, 75 I believe. Lipo Batt 3 - 4s Prop is APC 12 x 6 elec. Those are the numbers. If I was putting a glow on it would be close to 60cc I am sure some guys know the plane. Even look at Hitec motor on ebay but sort of affraid of a used unit. Nothing exotic for me just a good motor reliable and so on. If you can give me some input ti would be great. Thanks and I will be looking for some news, Gary

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