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Not taking any chances on this super looking mini-Pulse XT model.

Last time I flew it I had commanded it into a Left hand turn right at the edge of the RC field and near a large man made lake shore. Well, I am glad that I had enough ALTITUDE because the dang thing just maintain it's turn for about 4 seconds and that was just too much time for me! During the turn I commanded it to straighten out and didn't respond.

Tonight I just finished a few items that was bugging me......

1. Replaced the Orange Receiver with dual antennas to the newer Spektrum AR-400 with amplified Antenna whip.

2. Carefully, bent the tail wheel wire to give it a little more height at the rear and straighten the wheel to be perpendicular to the horizontal as it was leaning a bit. (It bothered me to no end! )

3. Provided larger metal ring washers for the Wing -to- Fuse HEX bolts as the ring washers were just creating too much stresses on the surrounding balsa / light plywood. (See Pictures)

4. Since this Spektrum AR-400 had been previously bind to Model #1, I had to go into a little programming to eliminate the previous model's setup information and adjusted servo reversing for ailerons and Elevator. Reduced the EXPO on the Ailerons as they had been diminished just too much. Went for 65% instead of 30% on those Ailerons. Now the Ailerons has the throw that I like with the right rate appeal that I am used to.

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