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Originally Posted by Homebrewer View Post
I wish I could show you pictures of my US 60 that I bashed into a twin using two OS .40 FX's spinning 9x8 prop on 20% nitro. It had mechanical retracts; it was FAST and flew great.

I lost it when I had a false peak detection on my charger. Thinking it was fully charged, I lost it several minutes into its final flight. I have owned 3 US 60s in the past 12 years and each of them has met an untimely event early in their lives. The last one and final US 60 that I'll ever own lost its elevator during some spirited flying. I have an Ultra Sport curse! Never again.
Homebrewer, yesterday I was in fact contemplating transforming my US.60(see posts #505 and 509 above) into a twin(or even tri-motor) The reason is that the wheel wells and retract gear legs are not compatible with the large S.T.90 engine which would prefer a 16x6 prop to work efficiently. Well, maybe I should have realised that much earlier.....!
And today I find your post......some coincidence..!!! Please Homebrewer If you have any pics whatsoever from your US Twin, please let us see them..Thanks.!
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