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I don't know how much you are paying for the West System resin since I have only purchased it once a long time ago, but look at US Composited 635 thin resin. They offer 3 hardeners with varying pot lives. The nice thing is there is no Hazmat to ship the hardeners like some resin systems have. This is my usual go to resin for general carbon graphite work. It will definitely benefit from a post cure. I am happy with it, the Tg is around 195F, and it cures quite hard. I have made several molds with it, and I too use cabosil and graphite to harden the surface coat.


OOPS, I just reread the original post and noticed the OP is in the United Kingdom. That may make obtaining USC resin a problem for him. Sorry.
The information still applies, just not to solve his problem. I would go back to my original recommendation of MGS resin.

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