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Originally Posted by Mpizpilot View Post
I recently got a bit fed up with building a Hellcat kit from a well known designer. The reason being is im building a AMR laser cut kit and this thing just fell together. I can't go back to the old school kits anymore.
Looking at this FW and the speed it's coming together, can you share your feelings on the ease of assembly? It does look like it's well engineered. How much head scratching is involved?

Man I know what you mean. I have been building for several years now and some kits require a lot of modification to make the parts fit. I have to give full disclosure here I consider Rumen a good friend, but the information I give out it honest.

I can tell you I have yet to have to stop down and re-engineer anything on this kit. It simple fits and glues together. I am very pleased and it has been a nice experience so far. If you are interested in a more detailed step by step I also have a thread on my webpage.

I have his 1/4 scale 109 in the line up after this 190. I really like how things are going.
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