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Hello Mark,

I believe I heard on the news that people were shocked when the sonic booms came because there had been no public awareness that the Mini shuttle was coming in.

Thanks for pinning that article, a very interesting read. As they so know it looks like a mini shuttle. And it looks like it's time for us both to modify our stock portfolios to start covering aerospace again.

Yes I'm aware that housing is having quite the upswing. In California, and especially Los Angeles homes are shooting through the roof and people are paying them. I wish you and your family very good luck in finding the lot and house you want at a fair price. Do you have a square footage that you're looking for, 2000-3000 sq ft. a 3 to 4 bedroom, three bath? You are right it is the American dream to own your home and not have to pay rent to someone else.

No I have not had an opportunity to do anything RC related. We've had a little bit of rain and the other day when it was clear I went out and jacked up both my 22 foot cargo trailer and my 27 foot toy hauler trailer unlocked the cable locks from all of their wheels (earthquake safety, so they don't roll down back driveway) and rotate all the wheels by turning them from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock say don't get flat spots. I finally finished with the razor car and it's over in the corner of the garage.

My closing statement, I have been watching a lot of YouTube and decided for reasons I won't share opened the public I needed a VPN for my computer system. In a sense what that is is a gives a different IP address then where you really are. As an example when you're on Google and you go out and look something up then immediately you start getting ads from everybody in the area that handles that product, having the VPN will negate that. It also narrows neferious access from hackers from the outside world.

Take care congratulations on getting your lot for your home.

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