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Mark, congratulations again, it sounds like a wonderful new home for the family with everything you need. Being close to the trails will make nice to get out and get with nature ride those bikes and enjoy. Sincerely tickled for you.

We hope your families Mothers Day was a memorable on too! We went to my oldest daughters and the rest of the family for fun, BBQ and just a real nice day, fun was had by all as they say.

Still no RC except, my buddy is doing a lot of sail plane flying and he said there is room for me and my Radian motor powered glider to join in with. They either throw off CF sail planes from a mountain ridge we've been to or at another place hold a different plane used for soaring! That plane is launched by the pilot holding it by it's wing tip and spinning himself around and then letting go of the plane and getting it to catch a thermal. These planes way no more than 4 oz's! We are talking $1,500 for the plan without servos, receiver, or a tiny tiny battery 1/3 the size of a AAA to power the receiver and servos.

As far as my scale heli, I am just getting close to upgrade to that bigger motor to try and fly the one 5300 6S.

Take care and it's good to hear form you.

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