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Hi Nick, you got some great photographs of the heli's another aircraft.

I think that is great that you're taking motorcycle lessons. I have been riding for over 50 years and still maintain a motorcycle license. However, in 2005 I had to give up my motorcycles for a medical condition, and that's what got me in the side-by-side Razor for the desert. My last two motorcycles were a full dressed Harley Davidson and a Boss Hoss, that is a motorcycle with a 327 Chevy with headers fuel injected and a roller cam. From 1990 to 2005 I took advanced motorcycle riding on two if not three occasions just to keep my skills sharp for what to do and what not to do on the road. My goodness you better wear a helmet young man, the Lord gives you one set of brains in that head of yours and yours happens to be exceptional so you need to protect it!
We are just going to go to breakfast with my daughter and grandchildren tomorrow morning and then chill at home for the Fourth of July and stay off the roads and away from the drunk drivers. It's pretty crowded here in the city where we live and there are always neighbors that and there are always neighbors that violate the law and shoot off fireworks and we need to keep an eye on the house and see no fires start. Some of the neighbors even get those mortars that shoot up in the sky and then we find debris in the yard in the morning.I may have stated above perhaps not but I've been doing a little bit oh flying my big radian glider at the park with some other guys from time to time but that's it since I came home from AZ. In fact the time is coming closer and closer that will be departing so I've got to get out my fleet and go through them because they all need a little work especially the 500 T Rex it windy and hard last year. So nice to hear from you Nick glad everything is going well for you take care.


hey Mark,happy fourth to you too sir.
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