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Originally Posted by rhklenke View Post
Chris Gunner's son is flying an Extreme Jets Cougar (as stated above, basically the same airplane) on a Kingtech K45 engine - 9.9 lbs of thrust. It has a bit of a longer takeoff roll, but it flys *great* on that engine.

You do *NOT* need a 1-to-1 thrust to weight ratio in an aircraft to fly well - after all, the real Cougar had thrust equal to around 1/3 of its weight...

That being said, if you look at the specs of the newer 80N engines, namely the Bee 80 and Merlin VT 80, they are very close to the size and weight of the newer 60N engines like the K60. However, their fuel consumption is quite a bit higher. There are tradeoffs, but you don't *have* to have an 18 lbs thrust engine to fly this plane...

Pull up ,
I truly respect you on investigating the airframe needs. It will help many people out. That is what the forums are about. I occasionally do write ups as well. The need for more power is an arguable debate. In my perception, the less weight trade off versus more power, I tend to go on the lighter side . The extra engine weight also requires more fuel and that equals 5-7lbs more extra added weight. Is the airframe going to last longer while enduring higher stress levels ? IDK.
I remember flying 20lb models on 7-10lbs thrust and Yes I can be done and it works ! Longer take offs and staying on the power. This is for each to figure out on their own.

I did not know Mike was selling gear for it. I bought the Robarts because there was not any other options at that time. I have had their Warbirds and agree their stuff is Nice and fits perfectly. They designed it for that plane specific. Robarts is a retro fit setup. I will call Mike to order the TopRc gear set myself.

Did you plan to use air or servo operation for the body flaps? I was going to do servos.
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