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Originally Posted by RBACONS View Post
Too bad. That being the case, I would say that since its called a "template", and its not covered, you join the wings without it. Otherwise you would have that piece of uncovered ply showing on the finished plane. The wing joiner(s) are what provide the strength to the center section, not the root ribs.
Actually it is not too bad as far as cosmetically speaking. The top of the wing is inside the Fuse (Remember it's a P51B Mustang) and the bottom is half covered by the Radiator. So only half of the bottom would be needing some silver paint and by the time the weathering process is completed it will look fine. I am just concerned with adding the 1/8th " ply Template for strength and since it fits so well and I see the joint being a tighter & better fit then without the template for some reason. I was contemplating going with using the template as part of the joint. I see no downside and for the upside I only see added strength. Unless I am missing something here. That's why the question was originally asked. That's all.

PS. I added some pics of the wing with NO Bolt holes and NO dowels yet for the front of the wing installed. So you could see.

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