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Hello Nick,

Well it sounds like your getting some good training and I am so glad your taking that route! Riding a motorcycle is no game at all............Also, that lawfully required or not......that your pro wearing helmet make me very happy. I know you got a helmet and I might expect to be a full-face and DOT approved. After you get a season of riding under your belt then next year you'll be ready for the advanced class, you'll know your bike very well by then. Also some advise, insure yourself to the max limits and here's why. In the old days when I was your age I rode without insurance, if the bike got crashed that was on me. Then one day a child ran out from between two cars in front of me and I almost hit him. Then is when I thought, I could be sued had hurt the child, cut off a semi full of new cars going to a dealer and he crashes and all of those cars. I think you get the idea. Just like your car, your putting all of your assets on the line that you have today and for years to come, just consider that. If you leaving the bike out at your apartment then think about GAP insurance should it get stolen unless your paying cash. There your Grandpa like friend who rode for 50 years gave you the life talk.

I have the TREX 500 in the bench and am waiting for delivery of $67.00 worth of parts to bring her back from a crash in AZ. I lost a linkage rod from the swash to the blade grip and she went in.

Today I started on my P-51 B plane that "I" lost in AZ trying to fly at 6:00 AM and when I came in to land I was looking at the plane in the easy coming at me and the sun came over the peak and I was blinded and lost sight and she went in. On this job I had some of the parts on hand and so I expect $30.00 and she'll be swell once again :-)

Take care and have fun.....JP
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